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Requesting a child support order modification in Texas

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2018 | Child Support |

If you currently have a Texas court order requiring that you must pay child support, a time may come when you feel as if the amount you must pay should change. Maybe you lost your job and are now making less money than you were when the order first took effect, or maybe you now have more children to support than you did when the initial amount was determined. At the Law Offices of Keith E. Holloway, we understand the steps you must take to request a child support modification in Texas, and we have helped many clients modify child support so that the amount owed became more manageable.

Per, the first step in determining whether you might be able to modify the amount of child support you are paying is finding out whether you are eligible for a modification at all. To be eligible, you must meet two specific requirements. First, it must have been at least three years since your original child support order took effect. Second, you must have experienced a “material or substantial change in circumstances” since the order initially took effect.

Just what constitutes a “material or substantial change in circumstances?” While a substantial change in income makes the cut, so, too, does a change in living arrangements. For example, if your child lived with your ex when the child support order took effect, but he or she now lives with you, this may qualify you for a child support modification.

If there have been changes to your child’s medical insurance coverage, this, may also count as a material or substantial change in circumstances. Additionally, if you have had additional children that you now must support since your initial child support order took effect, this, too, may qualify. More about child support orders is available on our web page.