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Should I modify my child custody arrangement?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2017 | Child Support |

When divorced parents in Texas decide that your current child custody arrangement does not suit your evolving needs, the Law Offices of Keith E. Holloway can step in to help guide you to a new arrangement that benefits all parties equally, or as close to equal as possible.

There are many different valid reasons for a custody arrangement to be modified. Usually, the top reasons involve changes in you or your spouse’s financial situations. Scenarios of financial changes can include one of you losing a job, taking a pay cut, or becoming injured and needing to take extensive time off of work. These changes are negative and can make it harder for you to provide for your child.

There are positive financial changes as well, such as getting a raise or a new job with higher pay and more benefits. If your child’s financial needs change, this can also factor into an arrangement needing to be adjusted. Examples can include a child getting into an accident or becoming ill and requiring extensive hospital care.

Relocation and the child’s needs may also be taken into consideration, especially if one parent relocates due to military obligations. Finally, if a parent becomes unable to care for the child, rearrangements will be needed. This can cover situations in which a parent is jailed, if abuse charges have been filed, or if they have passed away or have otherwise become too sick or physically incapable to continue caring for a child.

There are even more valid reasons to request custody modifications, as well. For more information on these modifications and what might qualify you to apply for modifications of your own, you can visit our web page and read more about it.