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Study demonstrates gay parents on par with heterosexual parents

On Behalf of | May 13, 2016 | Same-Sex Couples & Divorce |

The desire to have and raise children is a fundamental human instinct that is shared by gay and heterosexual parents alike. While it may seem self-evident that gay parents are equally capable of providing a happy home for their children as heterosexual parents, it’s still nice to learn that there is scientific evidence that demonstrates the point. 

In the past, the results of same-sex parenting studies have been criticized in some circles for supposedly using overly selective data. These criticisms have been levied by those who are against gay parenting. A new study that compiled data collected by the National Survey of Children’s Health in the U.S. produced results countering beliefs held by those who question the abilities of gay parents.

The study carefully matched 95 lesbian couples with 95 opposite-sex couples. The matches were based on similarities in a variety of categories such as parental age and geographic locations. Similarities among the children were also part of the pairings.

According to the data, child outcomes and family relationships were the same in families with same-sex parents and opposite-sex parents.

While the results of this study may lend broader credence to the abilities of gay parents, they are hardly surprising. After all, the qualities required for good parenting have nothing to do with sexual orientation. While gay parents are on a par with heterosexual parents regarding their abilities to care for their children, they are also vulnerable to the same kind of conflicts that can develop in a marriage.

When a marriage ends, child custody decisions must be made. The best scenario is one in which the parents see eye to eye on how to best divide their time with the children. Unfortunately, sometimes things are not so simple, and conflicts ensue.

If you are a gay parent in a custody battle, you may wish to seek the counsel and representation of a Texas family law attorney. An attorney who has experience handling same-sex divorce cases can offer you guidance and advice and can work to help you get a satisfactory custody agreement.