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Marital infidelity and divorce

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Divorce |

A spouse’s infidelity can threaten what seemed like the most stable of marriages. Whether the suspicion of cheating was present for a while or the infidelity was a complete surprise, the relationship between the spouses suffers and the repercussions of the cheating can leave the spouse cheated on questioning if they want to continue with the marriage. If you find yourself in this situation in Texas, you should consider your options moving forward.

The damages of marital infidelity

There is no doubt that cheating damages relationships, even if there were issues already present. It can happen in a new marriage or in a long-term one, where the couple has built a life together, formed a family, bought a home and made plans for the future. Some of the damages marital infidelity can inflict include:

  • Fear of the end of the marriage and self-denial about what is going on
  • The loss of trust between the spouses
  • Struggles with self-worth
  • A sense of rejection from the other spouse
  • Distancing between the spouses

How to move forward after marital infidelity

When a couple experiences marital infidelity, there might be a period where the shock does not allow the person cheated on to even speak out. However, to move forward, couples must talk about infidelity. This will often also lead to talking about other underlying issues that might not have been addressed. This process is what could guide the couple toward deciding about their future. The process might include seeing a therapist, both individually and as a couple. For some spouses who believe they are both committed to working through the issues, a reconciliation might be the best option. For others, however, confronting the problem, even with a therapist, might lead to ending the marriage.

Once you make the decision to get divorced, you must begin preparing. This includes gathering all financial information that will be needed for the division of assets and figuring out a temporary child custody plan. A looming divorce can lead to fear and anxiety. However, you can also look forward to being free from self-doubt.