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Three losses divorce might cause

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Divorce |

Texas has a low divorce rate when compared to some other states. But local couples do sometimes decide that divorce is the best option. You might agree to a divorce and prepare yourself for the outcome. But unexpected losses can arise because of divorce. Here are four losses you can experience following your divorce.

Less time to spend with children

A divorced parent can feel the loss of spending less time with their children. Perhaps you used to read to them at bedtime or drive them to school. You’ll likely feel the sting of no longer having this time. Even if the children live with you, you might feel a sense of loss when they visit the other parent.

Friends who choose sides

Ending your marriage might put your friends in an awkward position. They could feel the need to either remain your friend or choose your spouse. You may even feel alienated by friends against your divorce for whatever reason. Losing good friends is painful. However, your true friends will stick around and offer support.

Loss of beloved extended family members

When you divorce your spouse, your spouse’s family often goes as well. This is a common but painful loss caused by divorce. You might have a great relationship with your former mother-in-law. Perhaps you feel your brother-in-law is one of your dearest friends. Realize that blood relatives often stick together after a divorce. You might lose all contact with the family of your ex-spouse.

Financial loss

You could find yourself going from a two-income household to a one-income. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and fear about survival. Consider creating a budget, working more hours or finding higher-paying employment.

Divorce always causes loss in some form. It’s not the exact same experience for everyone. But with emotional support and self-care, you’ll adjust to your new reality.