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Can you help your child transition during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | Child Custody |

You and your spouse are wrapped in the ever-complicated process of getting a divorce in Texas. While you are consumed with making important decisions about finances, living arrangements and alimony support, you are also faced with the difficult decision of telling your children that you and your spouse are separating. Once the news is broken, you have to be prepared for your children to respond. Sometimes, their reaction may be surprising and require you to be extra vigilant and aware of their needs to help them adjust in a way that is positive, productive and effective. 

When you start to tell your child about your decision, it is ideal if both you and your spouse are there to explain what is happening. However, if that scenario is not doable, it is critical that you remain objective when explaining why things are happening the way they are. Never incriminate or gossip about your spouse even if you have strong opinions about his or her behavior. This kind of negative talk can damage the relationship your child has with your spouse and ultimately complicate things even more. 

According to Web MD, some of the biggest and worst mistakes that you can make when dealing with your divorce and your children include the following:

  • Not listening
  • Using them as a middle man
  • Pushing forgiveness
  • Confiding personal details to them
  • Avoiding all discussion of your spouse even after your child has visited him or her

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