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When mothers stop paying child support

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | Child Support |

When Texas fathers receive child support, they typically expect to receive these payments on a regular basis. Sometimes, though, their ex-wives may be behind on these payments. In this situation, it is important for men to know what they can do.

When a father realizes his ex-wife is not making child support payments, he may want to speak to her. According to U.S. News, sometimes the children’s mother may not have enough money to make these payments each month. In this situation, a father might ask his ex-wife to pay what she can. It is also a good idea to consider modifying the amount of child support the children’s mother pays each month so the father continues to receive this money. Some fathers may want to make sure they do not include child support payments in their budget if their ex-spouse is not making these payments on a regular basis.

Sometimes a father may need to get the court involved to receive child support payments. FindLaw says that in this situation, a district attorney typically contacts the children’s mother to work out a way to collect these payments. Sometimes a woman’s wages may be garnished or her tax refund might be withheld so the money can be used for child support. Sometimes an ex-wife may face jail time if she continually does not pay child support. This is generally the last solution a court might impose, as the children’s mother is typically unable to earn income if she is in jail.

If a woman does not make her child support payments even after meeting with a district attorney to find an arrangement that works, she may face stiff consequences. Sometimes a woman may have her driver’s license revoked and she may be unable to get a new passport. If a woman owns a business or needs a license to practice her profession, these licenses may be temporarily suspended.