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TX trooper charged with perjury for allegedly withholding assets

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2018 | Military Divorce |

Everyone involved in a divorce, whether civilians, law enforcement or those enlisted in the armed forces, is required to honestly and fully disclose their assets and property accrued during the marriage. Texas residents who knowingly conceal assets can face serious consequences, including criminal charges.

A recent case involving a couple in Nacogdoches County shows what can happen if a spouse catches the other one hiding assets during a divorce. According to KTRE News, a state trooper with the Department of Public Safety admitted to the court that he had kept the speakers from a truck that the judge awarded to his ex-wife, saying that he was left with no money after the divorce and needed to sell them. However, he admitted to holding onto the speakers, rather than selling them. The woman’s attorney also said that the trooper claimed under oath to have earned a significantly lower income than the court was able to prove he was making.

The trooper was charged with misdemeanor perjury, a penalty that can include jail time and significant fines. These consequences are serious for anyone; however, those in the military and government service positions are usually held at a higher standard than average citizens. They may face additional consequences, including losing their rank or licenses, or undergoing military criminal court proceedings.

People going through a divorce may be tempted to claim they forgot about some assets or that they needed to keep property that was not awarded them by the judge. However, this may not go as planned and could put spouses in hotter water than they were at the beginning of the case.