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Could your spouse withhold income to affect your child support?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | Child Support |

As you know, the child support your ex-spouse pays is based on his or her income. It can be frustrating, as well as problematic, if your ex is dishonest about income to avoid paying what you are entitled to receive in child support. Being a single parent in Texas is difficult, and the child support you receive can significantly make a difference in your children’s well-being.

Even so, many non-custodial parents attempt to avoid or reduce their responsibilities by falsifying information to make it seem as if their income is lower than it is, thereby reducing their child support obligations. According to Aol, there are numerous ways your ex-spouse could deceive the family law court about his or her income, including the following:

  • Involving the employer in reporting a lower income or stating fewer hours or a pay cut
  • Delaying receiving a bonus until the divorce is final
  • Having more of his or her paycheck withheld in taxes
  • Paying more into retirement so the net pay is less
  • Writing lower paychecks or falsely reporting dismal figures if self-employed
  • Quitting a job or temporarily getting a lower-paying job until the child support order is made, then getting a better-paying job

Both parents are responsible for their children physically, emotionally and financially. Your ex-spouse should be held to his or her obligations to contribute to your children’s care. You may need to seek help if your ex is withholding information, but the content in this blog should not replace the advice of a lawyer.