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Co-parenting strategies

On Behalf of | May 30, 2018 | Child Custody |

In the midst of a divorce, Texas residents have a seemingly endless list of things to address. Decisions must be made about everything from what to do with a house to who gets the dishes and more. Eventually some matters are resolved but one item that continues on is how to co-parent with a former spouse. This is no easy task but there are things each person can do to help make parenting after divorce positive for the children.

Parents magazine recommends that despite the natural tendency to mourn the loss of time with one’s children, parents focus on making the time they have matter. This does not mean they should rush to be the “Disneyland” parent who fills every moment with superficial fun but that time should be meaningful and spent together to truly foster the parent-child bond.

Some time together might be just talking and this may well be good for kids according to Psychology Today. Allowing children to process a parental divorce and speak about it may help them. However, parents should resist the urge to share adult matters with their kids but should keep conversations age-appropriate.

Kids are benefitted when their divorced parents still speak politely to and about each other. This can even extend to being kind to the other parent’s new dating partner or even eventually new spouse. Supporting the other parent sends kids the signal that it is acceptable for them to love both parents equally and may help them maintain good relationships with each one.