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High-asset same-sex divorce issues

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Same-Sex Couples & Divorce |

At the Law Offices of A. , we believe that each of our clients deserves the same consideration under the law as any other Texas residents. There is no doubt that our state and municipal courts retain certain attitudes that affect the treatment of individuals during the dissolution of same-sex married couples and domestic partnerships. We see it as is our job not only to provide understanding and advocacy, but also to ensure that articles of the law are carried out, ideally to our clients’ benefit, regardless of the gender or identity of their partners. 

We find that, since same-sex marriages are legally the same as any other marriages in Texas, we often encounter familiar issues during divorce cases. For example, we notice that custody battles tend to become prolonged and difficult in contested situations. We strive to clearly and effectively communicate our clients’ legal claims and emotional positions to the court, therefore providing the best possible chance of a favorable custody or visitation arrangement.

Many divorces we handle also involve complicated asset division. Our approach to this intricate arrangement is to protect our clients’ claims to the financial success of the partnership. If you are familiar with the divorce process, then you know that many contentious high-asset divorces involve detailed auditing of financial records and painstaking determination of spousal support. We discuss each situation with out clients and develop strategies to protect their ways of life. 

We find that a compassionate advocate often alleviates much of the stress involved in the processes of asset division or custody planning. To read more about this topic, please check our main legal information page.