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Divorced parents and college tuition

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | Child Support |

Parents who are getting divorced in Texas and have children that someday may go to college will want to understand a bit how this process might work. Even if college is many years away from the time of a divorce, it can be very important to look ahead. As explained by FastWeb, a college-bound student information website, there is no legal requirement for either parent to fund a child’s college education.

It is also essential that parents understand that an order for one parent to pay child support does not obligate that parent to pay anything toward college costs. Such stipulations if they are to be made must be made in addition to any orders of support. If parents agree to include provisions for paying for college into their divorce agreement, consideration should be given to all of the costs associated with sending a child to college.

While tuition may be the largest share of the financial burden, there are many other costs associated with a higher education. Room, board, books, spending money, health insurance, car insurance and more should be factored into the discussion.

When it comes to seeking financial aid for college, explains that a student need only list the income of one parent on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Which parent’s financial details should be provided will depend upon which parent the student lived with more for the 12 months prior to completing the application or which parent provided the greatest amount of financial support in that time. This may or may not be the person who has legal custody over the child.