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Do you need a prenup?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2017 | Same-Sex Couples & Divorce |

As the spring gets well underway, are you part of one of the many couples in Texas planning a summer wedding? If so, how detailed have you and your future spouse gotten in conversations about finances? Have you considered a prenuptial agreement? If you think that prenups are only needed for wealthy or famous people, think again. These marital contracts are for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, financial situation or fame.

Forbes suggests that engaged couples should talk frankly about past, current and future financial issues. When looking down the road, certainly you do not expect to get divorced but you should consider that a prenuptial agreement may be used to protect any children you or your partner might have from a prior marriage or relationship. A prenup can also be helpful in outlining any obligations you may have to a prior spouse.

A prenup can also be used to develop provisions for how business assets might be kept separate from your marital estate. This can be very important for the health of a business as well as for your personal assets.

Another benefit of developing a prenup is that you and your partner may be more open with each other about money and how you each deal with it. It may also help you discuss how you want to handle day-to-day financial matters that too frequently lead to marital troubles. In the end, a prenup may be a contributor to a long and happy marriage and may never be needed in a divorce situation.