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Co-parenting for the children’s benefit

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2017 | Child Custody |

When a couple in Texas decides to get divorced, no matter the reason, it is generally safe to assume that the spouses were unable to work successfully together in some form. When that couple has minor children, however, they must find ways to work together even after getting divorced for the good of their children. Positive co-parenting may not be easy but it is possible and it definitely in the best interest of the kids.

Psychology Today recommends that one thing both parents should commit to is speaking positively of each other to the children. At the same time, parents should avoid any form of criticism of each other made directly to the kids or even when kids are in earshot. This rule can even extend to parents encouraging their kids to only be positive toward the other parent. Doing this sends a very valuable message to kids that loving the other parent is allowed.

When it comes time to communicate and manage information, technology may be able to help not only track important data but reduce opportunities for conflict between parents. Our Family Wizard is one tool that allows divorced moms and dads to do just this. From online expense logs to parenting schedules to detailed health and school records all kept in one place and more, these tools give families a central place for a variety of needed information.

Sending messages via the tools may also help keep communications in one place and avoid miscommunication. Some tools even check for tone to proactively prevent negative messages from getting through.