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What You Should Know Before Proceeding with Military Divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2017 | Military Divorce |

Getting divorced is widely considered to be a tough process, irrespective of your gender, race or religion. For military personnel, annulling a marriage with a spouse can be much harder, especially when they are stationed in foreign territories. Having spent extensive time away from their families, servicemen can suffer from various mental disorders, which can ultimately contribute to military divorce. Unlike civilians, annulling the marriage between a soldier and their spouse can be quite tricky, courtesy of the general military laws adopted while tying the knot.

Based on verified statistics, military divorces have been on a downward spiral since 2014. Before such an impressive reduction, the Afghanistan war mainly served as a catalyst to high military divorce rates based on the unfavorable conditions for survival at a battle. As a spouse planning to instigate a military divorce, you must consider various essential factors that can undoubtedly affect life post-divorce. In the event children were sired during the marriage, you might want to consider making sound decisions based on the genuine interests of the kids. This means they should be afforded the basic right of interacting with their birth parent to promote active emotional development and nurture relationships with their peers.

As a service member in active deployment, it is understandable to yearn to spend adequate time with your children. After all, it is human nature, and violation of such an essential right can adversely affect the lives of both parties in more ways than you can imagine. In most cases, it is advisable to reach an amicable agreement with your ex-spouse regarding child custody and visitation rights. When a military divorce is concluded through an amicable agreement, you can save lots of revenue through legal fees and your mind can rest in peace. In the absence of a definitive cordial agreement, the Court system will step in and issue a verdict based on federal laws specifically enforced to handle such domestic affairs.

As a divorcing spouse, you might want to evaluate your financial status once the divorce proceedings have been finalized. This fundamentally means you are entitled to military benefits and a predetermined military allowance based on the marriage duration. Such a stipend is mainly dispensed to cater for your basic needs as you attempt to establish an independent life. Before making any significant decision, contact an experienced Texas family law attorney to advise you on the best way forward wisely.