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Grandmother faces charge of interfering with child custody

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2016 | Child Custody |

Matters of child custody are almost always emotional. That’s the case during the divorce process, but animosity can linger for years afterward, especially when one side is upset with the arrangement. However, it’s important to trust the justice system and let things take their legal course. A recent case in Texas is yet another reason to never take things into your own hands.

A woman is now facing new charges in a child custody case after she tried to influence a witness in her case. The woman was incarcerated at a jail in Bowie County, Texas after she threatened to run away or even kill her grandchild rather than let the father see him or her. The woman and her husband are facing one charge of interference with child custody. The woman also received one charge of terroristic threat. An emergency order was issued to protect the child from the woman and both she and her husband will be required to wear GPS tracking devices.

The woman’s daughter, the mother of the child, is also facing charges of keeping her daughter from seeing her father.

It’s a sad case but it illustrates an important point: in emotionally-charged matters like child custody, it’s important to use the proper channels. If you are unhappy with your current arrangement, you may be able to get a child custody modification. An attorney well-versed in Texas’ family law can help you build a case to see your child more. Conversely, if you feel the other parent is a risk, an attorney may be able to help ensure that you and your child are protected.

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