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What can help a child adjust to custody arrangements?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2016 | Child Custody |

If you are a divorcing parent, you know that your child custody agreement is one of the most important matters that must be settled. If you and your child’s other parent have agreed that you want joint custody, then one of the next steps is to draw up a practical plan that meets the needs of all involved.

As you likely understand, your primary concern must be with the child’s best interests. This means crafting a schedule that provides the child with a sense of security and stability.

One way to do this is to talk to your child and find out how he or she is feeling. A child will have to make many adjustments in the wake of a divorce. As such, it can be helpful to include the child in some of the scheduling decisions.

For example, ask your child what can be done to best accommodate his or her extracurricular activities. A child who is allowed to voice his or her opinion on such matters may be more amenable to your final schedule.

You should also be honest when examining your own scheduling needs. Perhaps you want to spend as much time as possible with your child, but work or other commitments take up a great deal of time. It is best for everyone to have a schedule that can be followed without strife or conflict.

When divorcing parents work together along with their children, it is very possible to successfully draw up a workable custody agreement. However, sometimes there can be sticking points or even areas of serious contention.

If you are experiencing such child custody conflicts, a Texas family law attorney may be able to offer you help and guidance. The attorney could offer advice on how to create an agreeable schedule and represent your interests in making sure your parental rights are recognized and respected.