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Single parents on low end of the wage spectrum need child support

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2016 | Child Support |

It does not take a government survey or news report to let you know that the prices of seemingly everything are going ever upward. Perhaps no one is more aware of this fact than single parents. Those who are raising children on their own often live on very tight budgets. This requires constant consideration in regards to the allocation of household funds.

Of course, many single mothers and fathers work to keep things afloat, and while some are paid well at their jobs, others are not so fortunate. In fact, many single mothers in this country are struggling to raise a family while earning under $15,000 a year.

One proposed solution to this problem is to up the national minimum wage. It is believed that such a raise could benefit as many of 2.8 million single parents, over 80 percent of whom are women. It certainly seems that the minimum wage could use a hike. The last increase came in 2007. Since that time, costs for such essentials as housing, utilities, child care, food and transportation have all risen.

Unfortunately, the matter is still under debate and even if an increase becomes mandatory, it will be applied incrementally, so it could take awhile before making a serious difference in the lives of single parents.

Single parents need every bit of the money they bring in. Child support is often the difference between meeting expenses and suffering severe financial difficulties. As such, it is imperative that parents who are responsible for making support payment do so according to their parenting agreements.

If you are a single parent who is having to struggle because your child’s other parent is delinquent in making support payments, you may wish to discuss the matter with a Texas family law attorney. There are a number of possible avenues that can be taken, not only to get payments resumed but to recover the money owed from missed payments as well.