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What can I do if a paternity test yields a false result?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2016 | Fathers' Rights |

One of the most difficult things a man could ever have to deal with is having a woman falsely claim that he fathered her child. One would hope that a paternity test would put the matter to rest. After all, if a DNA test demonstrates that a man could not be the father of the child, then he has an extremely strong case that he should not have to bear the financial burden of providing support.

However, what happens if a man has the DNA test and the results indicate that he is the father, even if he is certain that this is not the case? What forms of recourse might a man have in such a circumstance?

Well, there are actually multiple reasons that a test could be inaccurate, and these reasons could form the basis for challenging paternity. It is possible to challenge the results of a paternity test for the following reasons:

  • There is evidence the test results were altered through tampering.
  • There is evidence that the lab that ran the tests had a history of substandard work and incorrect lab results.
  • The man is sterile or infertile.
  • There is evidence that someone else was sent to the lab to take the tests, thus yielding fraudulent results.

Typically, filing a complaint with the court is the first thing to do when challenging paternity test results. Once in court, the man may be requested to take another DNA test. Additionally, the court will likely seek other evidence to determine the child’s true parentage. Such evidence could include medical documentation that discredits paternity. The true father’s acknowledgement of paternity could also be used as evidence.

If paternity tests that you believe are inaccurate or fraudulent are being used as evidence to prove you are the father of a child, you may benefit from the representation of a Texas family law attorney. The attorney could work on your behalf to get the truth regarding the child’s paternity.