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What can I do if my child lives in an abusive environment?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2016 | Child Custody |

In an ideal world, every child would have a stable, loving environment in which to grow up. But what happens if your child is living with his or her other parent and you discover that there are acts of domestic abuse occurring in their home? Well, in such cases, it may be possible to have the terms of the custody agreement changed so as to have the child removed from the situation.

Obviously, if a child is being directly harmed, steps should be taken to correct the situation as soon as possible. But simply being exposed to domestic violence occurring between parents or other adults can also be damaging to a child.

It is for this reason that when matters of child custody come to a court’s attention, the issue of domestic violence is strongly considered. A judge will always take into account a child’s best interests when attempting to resolve custody issues. And obviously, it is best if a child is not in a dangerous household.

Simply put, even if the child’s other parent is the victim of the abuse, it may be possible to have your custody arrangements changed. This is because all parents have a duty to protect themselves for the sake of providing a safe place for their children to live in.

You have every reason to want to have your child taken out of an environment plagued by the frightening and dangerous threat of domestic violence. Domestic violence can have a profound effect on a child’s health and well-being, both physically and emotionally.

If you believe your child is in jeopardy because he or she is either the victim of, or being exposed to, domestic violence, it is possible to take actions that may correct the situation. A Texas child custody attorney may be able to help you demonstrate to the court the necessity for a change of your custody agreement so as to get your child out of harm’s way.