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Fathers can provide valuable lessons to their children

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2015 | Fathers' Rights |

The Welsh-born English poet George Herbert is credited as having said that “one father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” And although this idea was put forth well over 300 years ago, it remains true today. Fathers can provide their children with a wealth of wisdom and important information.

The emotional fallout from a divorce may leave a man feeling uncertain about his role in his child?s life. Given that so often women are granted custodial rights, men are often left in a situation of having only limited visitation time. As a child grows and adjusts to living with only his or her mother, a man may feel less needed.

But children do need fathers for so many reasons. First, fathers can share their experiences with their children to help them prepare for adulthood. Often a child will have aptitudes and interests similar to those of his or her father. This means that a child may possess particular talents that are better understood and more effectively nurtured by a father.

Also, a child and a father may share similar emotional characteristics. In such cases, it can be easier for a father to understand how a child might be feeling in a given set of circumstances. When this is the situation, a father can advise a child on how to deal with the feelings that he or she is experiencing.

As a father, you should never sell yourself short on how important you are to your child?s development and well-being. Your visitation rights should be honored for the good of both you and your child.

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