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Military divorce has special considerations

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2014 | Military Divorce |

It is no secret that marriages take work. Spouses have many issues to balance and decisions to make. Military service is also very challenging. No other employer will make such total demands on your time as the United States Military. Both military service and marriage are noble and worthwhile endeavors, but combining the two can create great difficulties.

Through the course of a marriage, those in the military may face extended periods of separation from their families. This separation can create a great strain on keeping a relationship intact. A nonmilitary spouse may feel neglected and put-upon for having so much of the familial responsibilities. The spouse in the military may both miss the family and feel remorse for their absence. In addition, deep-seated resentments can develop between the two.

Ultimately, the obstacles created by the situation can become so overwhelming that a couple decides they must move on to something else. When this is the case, both parties must be aware of the processes involved in carrying out a military divorce.

First, the division of military-associated benefits between a military and nonmilitary spouse can be tricky. The procedure of determining the division benefits is different from that of a nonmilitary divorce.

If there are children involved, you may have to set up a temporary custody agreement to accommodate the deployment of the military spouse. Also, there are specific aspects of military pay that are taken into consideration when figuring out child support.

If you are contemplating a military divorce, you may find the required procedures rather daunting. There are so many details that can make the procedure even more arduous than a nonmilitary divorce. To help you see to these details, you may wish to contact a Texas military divorce attorney. If you would like further details on how the Law Offices of Keith E. Holloway may be able to help you, please visit this page on our website.