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Child custody issues lead to arrest of Texas man

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2014 | Child Custody |

Many aspects of divorce can be contentious and fraught with emotional strain. But the issue of child custody may hold the greatest potential for creating animosity and even dangerous situations. A parent may love their child dearly, but that love must always be tempered with the understanding of what is in the child’s best interest. If a parent, for whatever reason, crosses a line that puts their children in danger, then the results could be most unfortunate.

Recently, a man from Brownwood, Texas was arrested subsequent to allegedly becoming belligerent with police after they tried serving him with child custody-related court documentation. According to jail records, the officers also had a restraining order they wanted to serve to the man.

An affidavit indicates that the man told a police officer that he would have to be shot before he would let his children be taken. The man then proceeded to a vehicle which contained the two children to whom the court documents pertained. When informed by the police that an arrest was imminent if he attempted to depart with the children, the man allegedly responded in a hostile manner, which led to his physical apprehension.

Fortunately, no one was reported as being harmed from this incident, at least not physically. However, it is quite possible the two children had to endure watching the arrest be carried out. Whatever the man’s motivations, his actions could be emotionally damaging to the children.

It takes more than love to be a good parent. Judgement is extremely important in seeing that children are kept in a safe and secure environment. If you ever find yourself in a child custody dispute that has escalated to the point of legal intervention, you might want to carefully consider your response.

Defying the legal system could make your situation much worse and cost you the very thing you want most: to be with your children. However, trying to work with the system might yield better results. A Texas child custody attorney may be able to help represent you in a manner that demonstrates your value and trustworthiness as a parent.

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