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The complex property division issues of military divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2014 | Military Divorce |

If there is one thing you can always count on with divorce, it’s that every case is unique. That may not be the most novel lede, but it is true. Every divorce is going to be a little bit different, even if many divorces share some of the same issues, like child custody and property division.

Just check out some of the stories in our source article. Many of them involve property division, but they are all fairly unique. One couple couldn’t agree on who got to keep the remaining $40 worth of groceries in their refrigerator. Another couple spent hours arguing over some inexpensive furniture. Yet another couple couldn’t agree on pet custody arrangements — even though they swiftly settled on a number of seemingly more important issues.


For military couples, there are some very specific and unique matters that they have to deal with when they file for divorce. These aren’t “crazy” issues like the ones mentioned above. They are real, tangible issues that are very important.

For example, who will receive part or all of the military pension associated with the spouse in the military? For that matter, are both spouses in the military, or just one of the spouses? What about other financial benefits associated with serving in the military, such as survivor benefits and health care benefits?

Military benefits and assets bring up challenging issues in a divorce. The splitting couples may not necessarily be prepared to deal with these issues, so they need a family law attorney with experience dealing with military divorce to help them understand the stakes of their divorce, and how to get through the split properly.

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