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Why Hire Keith Holloway’s Firm as Child Custody Lawyers in Bexar County and San Antonio?

When a couple goes through a divorce, setting matters of custody can be the hardest part of the process. Many find that they require child custody lawyers in Bexar County and San Antonio to assist with finding solutions to sharing the responsibility for their children. There are a number of benefits to hiring child custody lawyers in Bexar County and San Antonio including: keeping matters civil for the children’s benefit, assisting with complex cases and hiring a lawyer with a good reputation that can help quickly, without causing undue stress on the parties that are involved.

When to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

  1. When there is Animosity Between the Couple

Many marriages end on bad terms and this can easily affect the children, even when the parents are trying their hardest not to let their anger and negative feelings show. A child custody lawyer not only knows the process and protocols of the average custody case and can assist with making it easier and seamless but also acts as a mediator. Keith E. Holloway has worked on many cases where a marriage has ended on bad terms and knows how to communicate with couples and help them negotiated and resolve custody issues before lengthy court battles ensue. This can save a significant amount of money and help the children transition into their new arrangements much easier.

  1. Assisting with Complex Cases

Sometimes custody cases are not easy. There are many examples of cases that are considered complex such as interstate child custody. In these scenarios the parent may not know how to proceed, or how to get the result that they want to obtain out of their case. The lawyer can be hired to walk the client through complex child custody processes and to provide advice and support at every step of the way. This not only gives the parent the confidence to get what they need for their children but the results that they are hoping to achieve.

  1. To get Results with a Reputable Lawyer

A parent may decide to hire a child custody lawyer based on the attorney’s reputation at winning child custody cases. This is an important requirement for any parent that feels like they should have sole custody, or be the primary caregiver, and is determined to achieve these results for the good of their children. If an attorney has a history of working on certain cases, such as complex child custody cases, that lawyer should be selected to represent that parent on the case.

If a parent is eligible for low cost or free representation, he or she should inquire into the lawyer’s reputation with winning child custody cases. The parent should also always inquire about the child custody lawyer’s strategy for winning child custody cases and make sure that the method is agreed upon.

Keith Holloway and his firm of child custody lawyers in Bexar County and San Antonio help settle child custody matters.