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One of the Leading Family Divorce Lawyers Serving Bexar County Keith Holloway Outlines the Three Keys to Negotiating Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

Negotiations between two parties can be fraught with economic and emotional challenges. This is especially true for couples involved in a relationship. Nonetheless, coming to an understanding on specific issues can help protect the relationship and the individuals involved in the relationship for the long-term. Legal professionals often insist that couples begin their wedding plans by negotiating a pre-nuptial agreement. This type of negotiation requires several skills that only those family divorce lawyers with experience and qualifications in the legal profession possess. Here, leading San-Antonio-based lawyer Keith Holloway outlines the three keys to negotiating pre and post-nuptial agreements.

1) Work with Lawyers That Have a Comprehensive Understanding of Family and Divorce Law

Bexar County Legal professionals must carry forth an expert understanding of family and divorce law with them when negotiating pre and post-nuptial agreements with the other party’s legal representation. Drafting pre-nuptial agreements means understanding that elements of the law that govern this legal area, and therefore working with that information to protect clients and their assets in future. Those selecting a legal specialist for their pre-nuptial agreement document creation must choose those who have great experience in the field and the proven ability to work on behalf of their clients to protect their rights during the beginning and during the potential dissolution of a marriage.

2) Choose Lawyers That are Committed to Conflict Resolution

While the very best San Antonio lawyers will always be working on their client’s behalf during the negotiation process, they are also adept at building a rapport with the other party. This building of the relationship is a crucial element in negotiation during pre-nuptial and post-nuptial document creation. Expert legal professionals will listen to their client’s concerns and help bring them forward with the other party’s representation. They will then be able to negotiate with the other party to ensure that their client’s concerns and needs are addressed while ensuring full compliance with the law. It’s the type of commitment to negotiation that can ensure agreements are completed promptly and with few challenges.

3) Choose Lawyers that are Responsive When Changes are Required

Sometimes, the other party will ask for a modification to an existing pre or post nuptial agreement. Many clients are surprised to find that these agreements can be changed by harnessing specific legal remedies. When circumstances change either before or after a marriage, such as one party losing their job or going to prison, changes might be requested by either party to the current agreement. Modification requests might relate to custody issues or spousal support issues after marriage, for example. It’s important for family lawyers and divorce representatives to be responsive in these types of situations. They must be able to react and use specific legal remedies to work on behalf of their client, even if there is only a limited time window in which to work.

Success in drafting post and pre-nuptial agreements requires a broad range of skills that only the top legal minds in San Antonio can offer. To discuss potential agreements with one of the region’s leading specialists, contact Keith Holloway’s law offices today and arrange a no-obligation consultation with a trusted expert.