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One of Bexar County’s Leading Family Lawyers Keith Holloway Advising Clients on Three Factors to Consider Before Signing Child Custody Agreements

After the dissolution of a marriage, one of the most emotionally draining challenges is devising a child custody agreement. This is especially true in divorce cases where there is acrimony between the two parties. And it’s for this reason that those going through a divorce and considering the signing of a child custody agreement must first truly analyze the permutations of the document. Keith Holloway is one of the area’s top family lawyers representing clients in Bexar County and San Antonio, and through his experience he’s helped hundreds of mothers and fathers achieve their ideal custody arrangements. Here, he outlines three specific factors to consider before signing child custody agreements.

1) The Child’s Educational Needs

Divorce agreements can often end in a long-lasting dispute between the couple involved. And one of the challenges these couples face is not letting their personal feelings towards each other affect the future of their child together. A leading consideration in any custody agreement should be the child’s educational needs, if they are of school age. Any agreement achieved should be made with full consideration of the child’s school schedule and so appropriate local housing should be available to the child in helping them to meet their educational needs as they grow.

2) Share of Costs

Any agreement made will highlight the various financial responsibilities of both parties in caring for their child. Both parents should be careful to review the financial elements of the custody agreement with family lawyers in order to ensure that the agreement is fair. For those who require modifications to the financial element of the agreement, it’s important to first speak with a divorce lawyer about the process of modifying the legal document. A lawyer can help answer questions about the legal remedies available to couples in their situation and provide actionable advice on a clear path forward.

3) The Plan for the Long-Term

When devising a child custody agreement, it’s always important the agreement is structured to ensure review after a certain amount of time. For example, if a child is in school for the next 2 years, the agreement might be negotiated after those 2 years to see if it is still feasible given the child’s new schedule. One of the difficulties many couples find themselves in is not planning for the long-term future. By working with family lawyers on custody agreements, couples can gain legal assistance in reviewing the future considerations that must be made for the welfare of the child as well as the requirements of both parents. This type of proactive approach can help reduce the stress and cost of future agreement changes.

It’s important, before entering into any child custody agreement, to fully understand all elements of the process as well as the road ahead. To learn more about how to protect your rights and ensure the safety of your child during difficult custody challenges, contact the law offices of Keith Holloway today. His legal team is now ready to take consultation bookings and speak to clients on all manner of child custody matters.

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