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Navigating the road to Adoption with the help of a Family Attorney

The road to adoption can be a long one, and it can become even longer if the correct preparations and procedures are not in place to ensure that your rights are a priority. Seeking out a reputable family attorney is the best way to avoid an extensive or unsuccessful adoption process and the heartache and long-suffering that comes with it.

There are two basic forms of adoption: agency placed adoptions and non-agency placed adoptions. Both are quite self-explanatory. An agency placed adoption involves a child that is in the custody of either a governmental agency (i.e. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services) or a licensed child-placement agency. The child-placement agency, whether governmental or licensed, is given legal custody of the child after the natural parent’s rights have been terminated. The adoption process between yourself and the child-placement agency begins when the agency agrees to transfer custody and place the child in your care. Having a family attorney by your side from the very beginning of the process will ensure that every possible legality is considered and looked after, giving you peace of mind knowing that once the process is complete, it is legal and binding.

A non-agency placed adoption does not involve a governmental or private agency. Instead, the parents or legal guardian agrees to transfer their custody of the child over to you and place the child in your care, leading eventually to a legal adoption. Quite often, non-agency adoptions involve adoptions between family members and can also include adoptions by step-parents. Bringing a family attorney alongside the process has many of the same benefits in these cases, as with agency placed adoptions, but it also includes more. The stakes can often be higher in non-agency placed adoptions. If you are adopting a child from an unrelated third party, the possibility of the adoption process falling through is very real, but with the help of a family attorney, it may be easier to avoid.

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