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Keith Holloway helps San Antonio Residents by Providing Expert Advice on Modification of Child Custody and Child Support Court Orders

Even after an amicable agreement has been made between parents and child custody lawyers in Bexar County and San Antonio, there may come a time when parents need to modify their child custody and child support court orders for the best interests of their children. Child custody lawyers in Bexar County and San Antonio can help assists with this process in a wide range of scenarios including:

Changes in Income

Over the course of time any individual’s financial situation may change and this could affect their ability to financially support their children. In these scenarios, a child custody lawyer can help with finding a new balance to help share the financial responsibility of having children in a way that is balanced and fair for both parties.

Changes in Financial Needs of Children

When kids get older, need clothing more often or get accepted into a prestigious school, financial needs change and this could be a burden for a parent that is taking the financial weight of raising their kids. A child custody lawyer can ensure that modifications to child custody agreements are made that are fair and manageable for the parents so that their children can receive the future that they deserve.

Unworkable Possession Schedule

The lifestyle at the time of the separation or divorce may change over time and this could lead to an unworkable schedule that may require a modification to the child custody agreement. Whether this means that one parent will be given sole custody or the parents need to revise their current shared custody agreement a child custody lawyer will help parents come to an agreement that allows their children to receive the love and attention that they require while their parents can continue to work and support the family.

A Potential Move

Due to job relocation, family illness or the option to buy a dream home in another state, many families move within time and when there is a shared custody agreement, this can cause complications without the mediation and guidance of a child custody lawyer. A lawyer can assist with determining a new child custody arrangement and figuring out where the children will stay full time if parents are living across the country. This could be a challenging and confusing time for parents and their children but a lawyer that specializes in child custody cases and agreements can work toward making the change positive and agreeable for everyone.

Child custody lawyers in Bexar County and San Antonio can help to modify child custody agreements, even in the most complicated situations. It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children are being provided with the right amount of attention and care, whether they are living with one parent or both. A lawyer can help to find the balance and change agreements as required so that children are raised where they will thrive best.