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Cooperation helps create happy holidays for families of divorce

The holiday season is squarely upon us. One of the chief joys of the holidays is spending time with your children. But while this time of year provides the opportunity for fun, it can also be stressful. This can be especially true for members of families of divorce. Both parents may want to spend as much time as possible with the children. 

Children need their dads for emotional support

Being a father can be both rewarding and challenging. The rewards come from spending time with your child and teaching them things. A good dad wants to help his children develop so they can have a happy, productive life. No doubt, the challenges are legion. From providing for financial needs, to being a firm and guiding hand, fathers have a lot of responsibility.

Father's reunion with missing daughter put on hold

When spouses realize it is necessary that they go their separate ways, the parting can be difficult. This is especially true if there are children involved. When this is the case, it is vital to a child's best interest that they are able to have access to both parents through a fair and reasonable child custody agreement. Recently, an event transpired that exemplifies the importance of fathers' rights in regard to having access to a child.

How do DNA tests determine paternity?

Relationships between men and women are rarely simple. This is especially true if a relationship carries with it a measure of intimacy. The birth of a child can be the result of an intimate relationship. Most of the time, both parties know who the child’s father is. Other times, the issue is more complicated.

Establishing paternity is an important decision for Texas fathers

Marriage isn't for everyone and it is not uncommon for children to be born out of wedlock. This needn't be a problem as, after all, parents can love their children just as much whether they're married or not. However, it is important for unmarried parents to be aware of their rights, as they may find their marital status affects their legal relationship with their children. This is particularly important for fathers, as they may find that they need to prove their paternity status.

Climate changing for fathers' child custody cases

It’s been a long-held belief, in both society at large and the court system, that mothers are more important in a child’s life than fathers. Child custody cases have reflected and perpetrated this belief for decades, automatically awarding children to the mother even when it might not have been in the best interest of the child. Now, the work of fathers’ rights advocates and a general cultural shift are changing some of these antiquated ideas.

Are Texas courts unfair to men in divorce proceedings?

There is a general sentiment in Texas—and the United States—that, when it comes to child custody and spousal support, the courts are biased toward women. That perception is based partly on the long-held notion that children are better off with their mothers than with their fathers. Father’s rights advocates argue that this is an antiquated belief and men can raise children just as well as women. They’ve been fighting this battle in earnest since the 1980s, when the courts were undeniably in favor of women.

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