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Father's rights to school records

A father has certain rights and responsibilities that must be given importance when raising a child. As a father, you have the right to review as well as collect your child's school records. For the wellbeing of the child and his or her education, you may be allowed to obtain useful information from the school.

Your flaws as a person help you as a father

If you are a father who is about to get a divorce, then hopefully you will be able to have fair visitation rights. But perhaps you are struggling with personal issues that may have even contributed to the end of your relationship with the child's other parent. If such is the case, you may be concerned that your problems make you a less-than-desirable father.

Fathers' rights during abortion decisions

Abortion debates usually revolve around the rights of the mother and child. People tend to forget about the rights of the father. It is important to consider the fathers' feelings when making important decisions regarding the pregnancy. A father might want to keep the child and oppose the mother's decision to get an abortion.  In other cases, a father might want the mother to get an abortion. The rights of the father are usually considered secondary to the mother's.

Is 'Malicious Mother Syndrome' real?

There is no question that divorce and custody proceedings can bring out the very worst in people. Generally speaking, any family court matter typically does. However, one set of behavioral changes has earned the title of Malicious Mother Syndrome. And, although it isn't recognized by the medical profession as a true mental disorder, many family court commissioners have borne witness to this phenomenon and may have a different opinion.

Are fathers rights still an issue?

Regardless of the fact that the family court now uses the "child's best interest" doctrine to determine and award child custody, there still remains a gender bias leaning more toward mothers. And, although we have come a long way, fathers are still somewhat the underdog in family court.

What are a father's parental rights before birth?

For most men, finding out you're about to be a father is a life-changing and emotional experience. Just as the expectant mother plays a significant role in the child's life before birth, a father can as well. It is important for soon-to-be fathers to recognize and understand their parental rights long before their child enters the world.

Fathers' rights movement works to eliminate bias in custody cases

If you are a father who is facing the prospect of divorce, you may be worried that you will not receive fair treatment in regard to having access to your children. This is a very common fear and many fathers believe that the courts make decisions that are unfairly biased in favor of mothers when it comes to child custody matters.

Don't be afraid to pursue support for your newborn

Life is seldom simple, and sometimes we find ourselves in very challenging circumstances. You likely understand this fact if you are a single woman and are expecting a child or have just given birth. In this situation, you may have some important decisions to make regarding how to financially maintain your household.

What can I do if a paternity test yields a false result?

One of the most difficult things a man could ever have to deal with is having a woman falsely claim that he fathered her child. One would hope that a paternity test would put the matter to rest. After all, if a DNA test demonstrates that a man could not be the father of the child, then he has an extremely strong case that he should not have to bear the financial burden of providing support.

In what situations is a man considered a presumed father?

Not all male-female relationships have clearly defined commitments. And sometimes a man and woman's intimate relationship may lead to the birth of a child out of wedlock. In such situations, it is possible that the question of paternity may become an issue.

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