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Paternity matters

FindLaw outlines a host of topics related to the rights of fathers, but why go to all the trouble of explaining them in such detail? The bottom line, and a crucial insight for Texas fathers to understand, is that paternity matters.

How do you establish paternity in Texas?

If you are a Texas man whose child was born when you were not married to his or her mother, you and your child do not have the same legal rights as children born to married parents. The Office of the Texas Attorney General explains that a child born in Texas to unmarried parents does not legally have a father. While you may be the biological father, you have no legal right to your child unless and until you establish paternity.

What rights do fathers have in an unplanned pregnancy?

Relationships can be complicated, even in the best of circumstances. When an unplanned pregnancy occurs, the issues can become even more difficult and complex. If you are the father of an unexpected child in Texas, you may be wondering what your rights are and what your next steps should be.

Can fathers get sole custody?

If you are going through a divorce in Texas, you know how tricky navigating child custody can be. For fathers, the path to sole custody can seem even more difficult, if not impossible. Many fathers have been left wondering if there is any way they can become the sole caregiver for their children.

Father’s rights in Texas: Times could be changing

In Texas, parental rights have been in the news recently because of a bill, introduced in February 2017, which could change the way child custody cases work. According to WFAA, if passed, Texas House Bill 453 could change the way custody battles are determined in divorces across the state. The term “fathers’ rights” typically refers to several relevant areas in family law, including paternity, child support and child custody, and advocates for HB 453 say that the law will give fathers equal footing in cases relating to child custody disagreements.

How A Competent Attorney Can Advocate for Fathers’ Rights

Fathers’ rights have recently received adequate attention based on the high divorce rates witnessed in the country. Mothers tend to receive most of the privileges regarding child custody and upbringing. In such a case, fathers have been left out of the parenting loop and maintain minimal contact with their children. However, the adoption of fathers’ rights has empowered fathers to fight for equal rights afforded to their spousal counterparts. Divorce cases are known to alter family stability in more ways than you can imagine. From altering the emotional state of children to changing their usual residences, it is advisable to contact an experienced counselor to safeguard the best interests of the child.

How do I establish paternity?

There are many reasons to establish paternity. Oftentimes, fathers want to gain custody of their child, or give him or her social security benefits and the other rights children can reap. Mothers often desire to establish paternity in order to get child support from the biological father when he has denied paternity. If the child is born to a married couple, paternity is automatically given to the spouse and with that comes all the rights and responsibilities of fatherhood. By the same token, if the couple ties the knot after the mother becomes pregnant but before the birth, the husband is presumed to be the father.

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