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Single parents on low end of the wage spectrum need child support

It does not take a government survey or news report to let you know that the prices of seemingly everything are going ever upward. Perhaps no one is more aware of this fact than single parents. Those who are raising children on their own often live on very tight budgets. This requires constant consideration in regards to the allocation of household funds.

Child support obligations extend to medical expenses

If you are receiving child support, you are well aware of all the expenses that the money goes toward. These funds are likely to pay for critical necessities such as food, clothing and shelter for your child. But sometimes unforeseen events transpire that are responsible for taxing your household budget with unexpected, and often costly, expenses.

More than ever, child support is critical for young parents

Being a parent has never been easy and parents have always had to find ways to pay for all the costs of raising a child. While financial challenges have always existed for parents, today's young parents are facing an exceptionally difficult set of circumstances. Parents who are part of the so-called "millennial generation" are trying to manage raising families at a time when costs are rising while wages are falling, or at best, stagnant.

Basic information can help catch up with delinquent parent

When a noncustodial parent is ordered by the court to pay child support, he or she is under a legal obligation to do so. While most noncustodial parents understand the importance of keeping up with their payments, others choose to not live up to their obligations. This shunning of responsibility can put a great deal of financial strain on a custodial parent's household finances.

Phone apps may help parents keep track of support payments

As many divorced parents know, the money that is allocated in a child support agreement is often just a portion of the actual amount that exchanges hands. Often, a support-paying parent will contribute more than the minimum monthly requirement in order to help see to the financial needs of his or her children.

Child support can help make the holidays bright

The holidays are a special time, especially for children. Parents also have plenty of reasons to enjoy the holiday season. But the holidays can involve the purchasing of gifts and other treats, which means the household budget can take a bit of a hit. This added financial stress can be challenging for a two-parent household, but in cases where a single parent is taking on the majority of the responsibilities, the situation can be quite daunting indeed.

Child support disbursement sometimes delayed by state

Most Texas parents who have to pay child support, do so as their agreement stipulates. And should they fail to make their payments, the state can intervene and force them to adhere to their court order terms. For those parents who depend on support money to meet their financial needs, this is good news.

State's child support system IT upgrade behind schedule

Texas has long been committed in the area of child support. The state's attorney general's office has long prided itself on its efforts in the area of child support enforcement. In fact, costs for child support enforcement represent over half of the agency's budget.

Fifteen arrested in Texas for failure to pay child support

The state of Texas takes the failure to pay child support very seriously. To that end, individuals who get too far behind in their payments could be subject to penalties that include jail time. In fact, in some cases, law enforcement officials may even arrest violators in their own homes.

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