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Prenuptial agreement crucial for stay-at-home parents

There are still plenty of moms and dads who "stay at home" for the sake of the family. Sometimes this is by choice, where the family is wealthy enough that one of the parents doesn't need to work. Sometimes, though, this is done out of necessity. Maybe the family is unable to pay the often-expensive rates for child care, or maybe one of the parents simply can't find a job.

Going through a divorce? It may be time to ditch social media

An interesting blog post was recently written by the website, a post that was picked up by Huffington Post. In that piece -- which serves as the source for this blog post -- the writer makes a compelling argument to stay away from social media. Specific to her claims, the writer says that steering clear of Facebook helped her deal with the aftermath of her divorce.

Get organized so that you and your ex can effectively co-parent

Parents who get divorced have a unique challenge compared to divorcing couples who don't have kids -- and, obviously, it's the fact that they have kids. Child custody and child support are major factors in these divorces. But even more important than custody and support is the way the children and their parents move on after seeing their family dynamic dissipate. How do all of the components of that family dynamic deal with their new dynamic?

The perils of social media are too real when you file for divorce

Imagine that you are in the middle of a divorce. In an attempt to relax and have some fun for the first time in many weeks, you and your friends organize a dinner party. Your son is staying with you that night, but he's 17 years old, so he can take care of himself for one evening. He's about to go to college, so you trust him and you're on your way.

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