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Military Divorce Archives

If contemplating a military divorce, don't delay planning

As the spouse of a service member, you likely know how challenging a military marriage can be. Because servicemen and women can spend so much time on active duty, the onus is often on the non-military spouse to keep a household running. This can be especially difficult if there are children to care for.

Jurisdiction determines where military couples may divorce

There is no doubt that the men and women who chose to serve their country in the armed forces make tremendous sacrifices. Their families must also contend with circumstances that may prove difficult. A military life can be one of frequent moving for the family and extended periods away from home for the service member. As such, sometimes military couples may find it hard to maintain a healthy marriage.

Are military divorces handled differently than civilian divorces?

If you or your spouse are in the military and you are facing a divorce, you may wonder if your divorce will be handled differently than a civilian one. The answer is yes, certain items are handled differently such as where to file the divorce, and how visitation rights, pension and child support are decided.

Child custody can be a challenging aspect of military divorce

Military life can offer many benefits. Service members can learn valuable skills while serving their country. But being in the military can also offer challenges. One challenge in particular is sustaining a healthy marriage.

How can I prepare for a post-deployment military divorce?

Military marriages can be challenging. When you are married to a deployed service member, it is possible that the time spent apart could create an emotional rift. This rift may become so serious that the service member decides the marriage should come to an end. But what should you do if this happens and the service member has months to go before finishing his/her deployment?

Does PTSD affect the rate of military divorce?

The men and women who serve in our armed forces give so much of themselves in service to our country. Military life is, by nature, very demanding. There can be a lot of moving around and the hours are often long and hard. It is more than understandable how such circumstances can put a strain on a marriage.

How does a retirement pension get divided in a military divorce?

The process of divorce can prove somewhat confusing to the parties involved. If you did not expect that your marriage would end in divorce, you may have never considered the various ramifications of property division. A military divorce has specific issues pertaining to benefits that are not found in a typical civilian divorce. For example, as discussed on the website, there are specific guidelines regarding the way in which a military retirement pension is divided.

November is Military Family Month

The debt of gratitude this country owes the men and women of our armed services cannot be understated. And while the troops make sacrifices to help maintain our freedoms, so too do their families. Military families have many challenges that are simply not a part of ordinary civilian life. These challenges can bring many different stresses into familial relationships. This can be especially true for spouses who may find it difficult to keep their marital bonds strong.

Military divorce has special considerations

It is no secret that marriages take work. Spouses have many issues to balance and decisions to make. Military service is also very challenging. No other employer will make such total demands on your time as the United States Military. Both military service and marriage are noble and worthwhile endeavors, but combining the two can create great difficulties.

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