Protective Orders

If you and/or you're your children are the victim of abuse or family violence, you can fight back. A protective order is designed to provide you and your loved ones with protection and safety through court orders.

If you and/or your children are in immediate danger a temporary protective orders can be issued by a judge without a hearing which will provide you temporary immediate protection from the abuser. Then a hearing would be set to establish that the alleged abuser did in fact commit acts of abuse or family violence. If a judge determines that abuse or family violence occurred, then the judge would issue a permanent protective order which would order the abuser to abstain from committing acts of violence, verbal threats, abuse, harassment, and can even order the abuser from contacting you or coming within a certain distance of you and your home, place of employment, or other locations which you can regularly be found.

Once a protective order is established, all violations of the order are criminal offenses and the violator can be arrested by law enforcement officers and prosecuted by our criminal courts. All convictions for violating protective orders carry criminal penalties, including jail sentences, and would go against the violator's permanent criminal record.

If you or your children are the victims of abuse or family violence you should act immediately to protect everyone involved. I have years of experience in matters involving abuse and family violence. I will help you obtain the protection and safety that you and your family need and deserve.